Josh Wade

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Programmer and Game Developer

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Hi, nice to meet you.

The first game I can remember playing is Pokemon Yellow for the Nintendo Gameboy - I don't think I ever beat it, but I was enamored with games and the language of computers. I've been programming for more than seven years, with specializations towards object-oriented systems, IoT devices, build workflow management, and developer tools, though I also have experience in AI and controller management. I've published an academic paper with FLAIRS based on my work developing an interactive storytelling AI in Germany. In my graduate studies, I helped program more than six student games across six different teams, with nearly each one completed in fewer than two weeks. In terms of personal accomplishments, I once ran a half-marathon on the beach, I'm conversational in German and slowly learning French, and during my senior year of undergrad, I volunteered to edit and write for The Stallion, the university's unofficial satire magazine.

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